Time Telescope

With my BALTIC freelance artist hat on, I worked with a group of young volunteers on Time Telescope. This was a year-long project, over the course of which we worked with a local history group to put together 5 views over the city of newcastle at various points in the past. Montaged together using video, photos and 3D Graphics, the result was run on a single computer using MAX/MSP and the whole thing housed in a steel and aluminium installation.

An arduino was used to sense rotation in the telescope’s joints. If the telescope moves, so does the view. Visitors can peer at the landscape and twist a dial to set the time.

The scope in situ at BALTIC.

Photo credit: BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arttime telescope baltic

The whole structure is flat plates of laser cut aluminium and mild steel, connected with threaded bar. This was not only structurally solid (2000 visitors per weekend is a worry) but enables the whole piece to bolt together without needing power tools or welding.  Young volunteers did the final assembly.IMG_1839IMG_1829IMG_1832 IMG_1833 IMG_1834

Below, assembled frame for testing, prior to electronics going in and polypropylene skin.IMG_1838

Medieval Newcastle worked up from paintings and rumour…

The Roman Bridge, circa 200ADRomanBridge

The Great fire of Gateshead 1854.  The young volunteers working on the project created the entire montage from period photos and bits of 3DS Max, I did the final composites.


Likewise, a grey and smoggy 1927


Favourite was 300,000,000 years ago. Newcastle swelters in tropical swamps.Carboniferous_amphibian Carboniferous_Colour

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