Sonic Cosmos

Sonic Cosmos was a collaboration between Tim Shaw, Ryan Collins and myself, an electro-mechanical Orrery built from lasercut perspex and ball-bearings. Tim and Ryan led the project and created the surrounding soundscape. Ben Jeans Houghton shot the video below.

The Sonic Cosmos from Tim Shaw on Vimeo.

The Orrery itself was made up of 8 separate custom gearboxes, each driven by a stepper motor.

The motors were driven by 2 arduinos running 8 easydriver stepper shields. IMG_5116 IMG_5109 IMG_5143

The black boxes are counterweights, to reduce friction at the main bearings and also balance the entire Orrery, which hangs on a cable.IMG_5127

Handmade bearing races work suprisingly well.IMG_5180 IMG_5209 IMG_5213


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