ROV: A Pseudo-Cartographical Narrative Controller (!?)

R.O.V. is a narrative controller exploring the epistemology of exploration, discovery and cartography. Encased in a rugged hazard-yellow field box the piece appears to be a controller for a remote control submersible. Twin joysticks, switches and knobs allow the user to explore an underwater landscape, displayed on a monitor embedded in the field box.  This environment, rendered in 3D graphics, is based on Kampanakis’ 1891 map of Atlantis: itself an attempt to render credible a myth: a centuries-old string of Chinese whispers emanating from a chance remark in Plato. The piece represents both an attempt to use the aesthetic of an interface as a narrative device and to explore layers of truth, representation and misconception.

The piece is built from a Chinese Military Ammunition Case, acrylic, 2 joystick encoders, an LCD monitor and various knobs and switches. It’s connected to a laptop running Blender 3.7.


Working up the CG environment from Kampanakis 19th Century Map of Atlantis.



Various forms of pseudo-cartography.  Clockwise from Top Left: Plato (circa 360 BC), Kampanakis (1891), Mercator (1595), Donnelly (1882), Sanson (1661).


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