Parade Ground

Decoded 1914-18 is a project led by Newcastle University Institute for Contemporary Arts Practice and Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums.  As part of Decoded they commissioned me to make Parade Ground, a large scale video projection.  Here’s what the work was about…

Parade Ground is a digital artwork referencing traditional regimental photos on a very large scale. The piece attempts to bring home to the viewer both the terrifying scale of the region’s contribution to the war and the very human and individual nature of this contribution.

I worked with TWAM and a group of young offenders to build props and costumes in for them to use in a green-screen session. Using 3DS Max, the lads were then duplicated 75,000 times and arranged in ranks, representing the scale of recruitment from Tyne and Wear during WWI.

Here’s more...

Parade Ground was on display at 3 different venues:

Discovery Museum – When the Lamps Went Out exhibition
Gateshead Interchange
Kings Gate, Newcastle University

Images courtesy of Newcastle University

Projection Still210842310_908440749208844_4114289104620702610_o 11016736_908440739208845_7870579265250011324_o


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