Archetypes: Black and White

Hip hop video made with Archetypes and David Green in Cape Town 2014

Orientation Trailer Number 1

Filmed at a secret location in Newcastle. The full version is currently in submission for various 2012 film festivals.

Burj Babil (with Tom Schofield)

Burj Babil is a computer graphic video piece exploring ideas of incantation, language and programming.

Family Ferns Video (The Turing Test)

This was filmed in Culture Lab’s studios against a green screen. Lots of scrambling up ladders and making it up as we went along. Animation was done in 3DS Max with mental ray. Compositing in After Effects. Rachel did her own makeup.

Oktober (The Turing Test)
We shot this in Derwent park in the snow in 2009. Red Kites, chromakeyed out the sky and staggered the timing of each layer in AfterEffects.

Perils Visuals (The Turing Test)
3D stuff in 3DSMax, drawings in photoshop. The idea came from a photoshoot for Kalidah years ago.

Desole visuals (The Turing Test)
This one was inspired by Douglas Coupland’s ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’. Halfway between live visuals and a narrative video.

humanaquarium (with Robyn Taylor and John Shearer)

Empty Threats (video installation shown at DropFrame 2008)
This was part of series about the synthetic nature of documentary: building up news footage from entirely synthetic, non-photographic sources. All of the footage is really simple 3D CGI.

Sleepers (Shown at IS700 2008)

Not Quick Enough (for Kalidah)
This was shot in my old out-of-commission spitfire with a cheap DV camera: windows were screened out using green sheets. Compositing was in AfterEffects using MagicBullets to improve the look of the footage. Rachel emotes silently to a single earphone.

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